About CWS

Since its founding in 1992, CWS ARCHITECTURE+INTERIOR DESIGN has placed its highest priority on integrity, quality and responsibility. CWS’s pledge to our clients, business partners and the community is to provide services and solutions that exemplify these qualities.

CWS promotes the adage that great architecture is the product of careful planning, trusted relationships and open minds. We build our business and client relationships with the goal of finding that perfect balance between the ideal built solution and available resources. Our successes speak for themselves.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CWS recognizes that our responsibility to the public good exceeds our own needs and aspirations. To this end, exceeding expectations in supporting the betterment and health of the world we live in is paramount to our business philosophy. We demonstrate this commitment in the following areas.

  • SUSTAINABILITY – CWS Architects is a proud and committed leader in the integration of sustainable design and building practices into every effort we undertake, even in the simplest designs. CWS has received many high-level certifications due to the fact that we strive to design every project to be the best it can be.
  • PRESERVATION – CWS Architects is a regional leader in the field of architectural preservation of historic New England and has been presented many awards and citations for our historic preservation efforts.  Preservation efforts achieve two primary community benefits; a) retaining our historic fabric for future generations, and b) the most sustainable building is reusing an existing building.
  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING – In addition to our extensive design work in the affordable housing field, CWS Architects has been a leader in advocating for the needs of Maine’s affordable housing community and residents for over a decade.
  • VOLUNTEERISM & COMMUNITY SUPPORT – CWS Architects and its employees have a long history of supporting and actively engaging with many local organizations and charities.