At CWS Architects, we know that our firm’s success is a direct reflection of our employees. We are committed to providing architects and interior designers with the resources they need to excel, including the encouragement of professional growth and career development.

Our hands-on, collaborative work environment gives every member of the CWS team an opportunity to be engaged and active throughout the entire design process. With a large capacity to take on a broad range of projects, from commercial and residential to medical and industrial, CWS Architects provides design professionals with the opportunity for diverse work. We are committed to providing clients with the most innovative, contemporary designs that balance the client’s vision with the design expertise of the CWS team.

We are often looking for motivated designers who share a passion for architecture and want to be on the cutting edge of the latest design trends. With a sociable work culture that continues to grow and thrive, CWS Architects is a firm where design professionals can flourish.

Interested in a career with CWS Architects? See the job openings down below and contact our team here.

Current Openings:
Architectural Designer

Architectural Drafter