Bill Dodge BMW Showroom & Service Center

Westbrook, Maine

CWS has enjoyed and has been grateful for a long-term relationship with Bill Dodge Auto Sales. One of the most recent projects was the design of Westbrook’s BMW Showroom and Service Center. The project required the integration of layout configurations that many Bill Dodge Dealerships have implemented into a prototypical BMW floor plan and form design. The design of both the interior and exterior needed to align with stringent BWM Design standards. This required a number of design change approvals allowing the building’s design to fall in line with regional climate concerns and the desire to tighten up the exterior envelope and manage code driven snow loads. As with our other facilities, it was a pleasure working with an Ownership team and Contractor who placed as much attention to the smallest of details as they did to the general building needs. These projects have been wonderful, collaborative efforts with end results that exceed expectations.