Global Beverage Corporation – Expansion Phase I

Atlanta, GA

In 2009, CWS received a commission to assist a global beverage manufacturing corporation with a large addition and renovation to their syrup and packaging facility in Atlanta, Georgia. The need for the expansion was prompted by newly developed syrup distribution, processing and packaging methods and technologies. Many of these technologies were still in development requiring complete flexibility within our designs. The large expansion area houses injection molding machines as well as warehouse and distribution space. A large portion of the building consists of an automated storage and recovery system that rises to a height of one hundred and twenty-five feet.
This project is our very best example of how well we can communicate and coordinate. This project required complete detailed coordination with better than twenty-five design professionals around the world. Designs for the equipment within the building were six months behind the design of the building affecting much of the logistical design.
The owner’s team consisted of plant personnel as well as two management departments. All of these parties had design needs that needed to be developed and brought forward into the design. Many of our projects require similar levels of involvement and without question a great deal of coordination. This project is a perfect example of just how capable CWS can be in this regard.
This multi-phased project required constant coordination, attention and plant interaction allowing the facility to remain in complete operation throughout the construction process. In order to maintain contact and share design concepts with the ownership team and engineering firms, we utilized internet conferencing technologies and leading project management software developed just for this project. The design and construction teams were able to maintain complete project control and avoid and potential communication breakdown.