Bhen Reed


Story & Career

Bhen is a licensed architect in his eighth year of professional practice. He received his degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. He also studied abroad at Alvar Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland and committed an additional mini-term to touring and documenting Architecture throughout Central Europe. His studies and travels allowed him to develop a much greater sensitivity to orientation and the human experience. He considers the opportunity to contribute to our built environment to be a tremendous privilege and he is dedicated to achieving the best design solutions possible in his work.

In 2022 Bhen moved to Maine and joined CWS. A lover of the Baltic climate, Bhen is ecstatic to once again be surrounded by granite, birch trees, and an abundance of lakes. Typically, when he’s not in the office, Bhen can be found in a body of water. When on land he also enjoys drawing, playing music, and most importantly spending time with his family and friends.