Alyssa Doherty

Interior Designer

Story & Career

As a teenager, Alyssa was extremely interested in both artistic endeavors and sustainability. When it came time to choose her career path, Alyssa knew that Interior Design was the right one because it had the potential to include both of those passions.

Alyssa recently received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from Endicott College in Massachusetts. While a full time student, she also participated in 3 internships during her time at Endicott. Through these, she gained experience in design for financial institutions, corporate, residential, and designing for accessibility. In school, she was also a peer tutor and helped her fellow classmates with their design work, strengthening her teamwork and problem solving skills. Alyssa is excited to get experience with an even wider variety of projects at CWS.

In her free time, Alyssa likes to paint, walk her dog, go to the beach and spend time with friends and family.