CEI Central Office

Brunswick, Maine

Coastal Enterprises Inc. (CEI) completed its transition from its origins as a startup community development lender located in numerous ‘grassroots’ facilities in Bath’s waterfront to a sophisticated 21st-century lender and industry leader by relocating and consolidating their organization to a new, contemporary two-story structure in historic Brunswick’s business district. The new facility’s design was inspired by both the Federal period design elements of its new site in Brunswick’s Federal Street Historic District and by the organization’s 21st-century purpose. The resulting facility blended contemporary design with the historic rhythms, textures and scale of the Historic District to create a new compatible contemporary landmark for CEI and the town of Brunswick.

The carbon-neutral 22,000 SF corporate headquarter incorporates a high-performance building envelope, a high-performance mechanical system with three deep geothermal wells and a full roof-top solar PV system that, combined, reduces the building’s energy loads by half and utilizes zero-carbon energy sources.


  • Award of Excellence by the Brunswick Downtown Association
  • LEED Platinum certification by the USGBC